Everest Youth Hockey Association

2021-22 EYH Registration


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Welcome to the 2021-2022 registration with Everest Youth Hockey. To register with Everest Youth Hockey your child must live in the DC Everest school district. If your child does not live in the DC Everest school district please STOP, and contact Stacey Haupt at s_immerfall@yahoo.com to determine how to proceed.

Registration with Everest Youth Hockey (EYH) is a 2 step process. 
Step 1 - First, you register with USA Hockey. Use USA Hockey Registration Link below.
Step 2 - Second, you register with EYH. You will need the 16 digit confirmation number from USA Hockey to register with EYH.

Please register your oldest player first.

Please register your highest level player first.

Any question about this registration can be directed to:

Stacey Haupt


Phone: (715) 482-0705